///Developments in the South Atlantic: Exploring models for sharing submarine cable capacity

When it comes down to moving data around the world, a lot of activity is happening deep down in the sea! To keep the global R&E networking community able to serve the current and (more importantly) future needs of global science and education, submarine cable systems are the “place you want to be”.
In this session we will present three different cases where regional or national RENs are playing a leading role in building or partnering with those cable systems that will be the vessel to carry scientific data between continents in the next decades, in three different regions of the world: Asia to Europe (CAE-1), Asia-Pacific (INDIGO) and Latin America (AARCLight).
Come and listen to how the R&E Networks are gearing up to deep-sea diving at #TNC19, Wednesday, June 19, 2019, from 9:00 to 10:30 am. 

Session: Under the sea
: Developments in the South Atlantic: Exploring models for sharing submarine cable capacity
Abstract: Bandwidth in the South Atlantic is increasing for the R&E community. In 2018, four events occurred. GEANT and CLARA announced an IRU with EllaLink, connecting Europe and Latin America. FIU signed an IRU with Angola Cables on the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) and interconnection in Fortaleza to the Monet cable connecting Brazil to Florida. AmLight-ExP announced an IRU with Angola Cable for spectrum from Florida to Fortaleza and Sao Paulo. The SACS submarine cable system started interconnecting Fortaleza and Luanda, Angola. We will report on the AARCLight study and status of network infrastructure via the South Atlantic.

Speakers: Dr.Michael Stanton, (RNP), Dr.Heidi Morgan, (USC-ISI), Mr.Len Lotz, (TENET)

About the TNC19: TNC is the largest and most prestigious European research and education networking conference. TNC19, the conference’s 35th edition, will be hosted by EENet of HITSA, the Estonian Education and Research Network, and will be held in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital city.

This year’s conference theme, Forging Digital Societies, is inspired by two main concepts: the idea that computer networks, by supporting human interactions, help to create and forge digital societies is combined with the innovative model of Estonia’s e-residency programme.

Ranging from security strategies, national ICT policies and the role of community, the TNC19 programme covers a wide variety of inspiring topics by renowned experts in their fields. In addition, a variety of community meetings and interactive workshops will surround the conference’s 21 sessions throughout the week.

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