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UbuntuNet-Connect Conference 2018

Dr. Heidi Morgan presented the "AARCLight - New opportunities for South Atlantic R&E Network collaboration between Africa, Brazil, and the U.S." at the UbuntuNet-Connect is the Annual Conference of UbuntuNet Alliance that focuses on research [...]

SACS Goes Live, Making Gigantic Leap in Global Connectivity

The first, fastest connectivity, lowest latency trans-Atlantic link between Africa and the Americas Luanda, Angola 27th September 2018 –  The South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) is now on-stream and open for commercial traffic. The new digital [...]

TNC18 – Intelligent networks, cool edges?

The AmLight Team presented “AmLight’s SDN Looking Glass – An SDN centralized monitoring system”  and updates on the “Regional Networks, Communities, andEcosystems Americas Africa Research and eduCation Lightpaths (AARCLight) Study: Year 1 findings” at the TERENA Network Conference (TNC18), held in Trondheim, Norway. TNC18 [...]

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